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 Clancy & Finnegan
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Kojack, Red & White Napoleon Cat
Beautiful Tail, Napoeon Cat
Hi Kristin,
I have to tell you that my Scout and Stewart are the BEST cats I've ever owned! The same with Jake's adorable Arthur and Sully! Jake and I and our families are still as in love with them as the first day we brought them home last December. My youngest, Zach, with special needs, will say at least once a week as he hugs Scout, (His special cat) that he's the best Christmas present EVER. And my did I know and how did HE know that I was getting him for Me?! From the very first night he slept by my head, and ever since, he watches for me to come home, he knows when it's bedtime, and just stays close to me. We are all so blessed that you've done such a fine job of breeding and caring for these wonderful companions. I'm caring daily for my mom here at home.  She's 84 and these 'boys' make her laugh every day, especially that curious Scout. He's not afraid of anything, and is best buddies with our English Bulldog mix, Sophie. In fact, we do believe he is in love with her! Those two hang out a lot. Stewie is a good boy and doesn't want to get into any trouble so he doesn't participate in their antics! But
they all get along great and again, their personalities are terrific, and all four cats are so unique. They are loved and adored and have a great life, each and every one. Just thought you might like to know! Thanks again for all of your hard work, it really pays off.
Barbara Rivera and Jake Rivera

Dear Kristin,
 Thank you so much for saving Simba for me!!!  He is the cutest and sweetest little kitten!!!!  I just LOVE his short lets!  Simba and Sugar (our Ragdoll) are getting along really well.  They sometimes will cuddle and will play together.  Our dogs Abby and Ginger don't mind Simba either, they also like to play with him.
He is getting a lot more playful!  He loves strings and this dragonfly toy we got him!  He runs around a lot and loves to play "hide-and-seek" in coats and blankets.  He is just soooooooooo cute!!!!  Thank you for all you have done for me and little Simba 
Thanks again!!!!
 Melissa King

 Hi Kristin,
The boys are doing WONDERFUL! We really, really love them both. They are so cuddly, sweet and personable. When new folks come to our home, 
they are the first ones to greet them. They follow us everywhere. It was so nice to meet you and meet your other cats as well. I know  that you will be very successful with your cattery. It really has  been a pleasure to get two kitties from you. They were so well  socialized and you can tell that they had lots and lots of cuddle  time! Our experience has been  wonderful. The kittens were obviously well cared for. That really got them off to a great start. I wanted to thank you so much for the extra pictures on the disk.  Those pictures are so precious and we will treasure having them. The  entire litter was completely adorable. Little Clarice is really going  to be a beautiful adult and will probably have darling kittens.
-Kathie Diskin

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 Hi Kristin!
Here are a few photos of our absolutely adorable and beloved Kojack. We cannot believe what an amazing addition he has been to our family. He is soooo mellow and easy to take care of -- which was important to us since the biggest pet we've ever had was a hamster! He loves all of the following: cuddling with anyone, playing hide and seek, watching out the window, and sleeping the day away in one of his many favorite spots. If he's been this mellow as a kitten, we can't imagine what a wonderfully easy pet he'll be when he's older! We have enjoyed every moment since he's joined our family. Kojack has been good for our daughter who's always feared larger animals and a godsend for our son who loves animals of all kinds. We are very thankful we found your website when we did and were able to adopt such a magnificent kitten as Kojack.
        Kimberly, Boyd, Claire, & Evan Byers
        Wichita KS

Dear Kristin,
        I would like to give you an inside about my Tony, son of Sally. You described him as super playful. He is one of a kind. He is different than any cat I ever had. He is very affectionate. He sleeps with us every night. He is a people person. The way he plays is unbelievable. He tears through the house like a bullet. He likes to steal cloths and drags them through the house. He also has a lot of toys that he carries around the house like a dog. He hangs on me the most. When I leave the house he cries and waits for me. As you can see he is quite a character.
                                                                                Thanks for Tony

Cream Point Napoleon Cat
Hey Kristin,
         Just thought I would give you a little update on how Kiwi is doing.  For the first week, she was very shy...but boy has that changed!  She's so much fun!  She loves to play and scamper around the house.  She's got lots of space:)  I bought her that blue ring with the yellow ball in it and it's the only toy she will play with, but she loves it, sometimes even falling asleep on it.  She definitely knows her mommy...I often go to sleep at night and wake up with her laying on my chest.  Everyone loves her, even the totally non-cat lovers in my mom even calls her her grandkitty:) Anyway, I'm very pleased with my baby and I think she is pleased to be here:)

Kiwi the Napoleon Kitten
Hi Kristin,
 Rufus is such a wonderful kitten! On his first day with us, he startled at almost every sound, ...  But soon he realized there was no danger and relaxed. Now he naps through my daughters' music practice. He is very playful, trusting, and funny like an innocent child. His purring always puts me in a good mood.  

Sleepy Napoleon Kitten
Hi Kristin,
         Thought you would enjoy seeing  current pix of Elliot. He is a great cat.  He likes to be where the action is - very social, but is a lap cat on his own terms.  He is very curious and doesn't seem to be afraid of anything.  He has a beautiful coat - soft and dense with subtle stipes.  He continues to be a wonderful addition to our family.
                         Best regards, Sandra Kubacki

Elliot the Handsom Napoleon Cat
Red & White Napoleon Cat
Hi Kristin,
We just love Carson . He is a wonderful kitten . . . so playful and loving. He adjusting very well . . . getting a lot of attention and play time. He's also made fast friends with the dog and everyone that comes to the house just gushes over him. What a wonderful kitten!  So easy to love him!  I can tell he came from a home full of love and attention. We absolutely adore him and we are so glad to have him!  Thanks again for such a fantastic feline!
~All the best, Marilyn

happy Sleepy kitten
Simba the Napoleon Kitten

 Hi Kristin,
Simba is doing just great, he is sooooo much fun!  He is just such a wonderful little guy, he has a absolutely great personality!!  Again, we want to thank you for being so helpful and nice to work with.  Simba definitely came from a loving home, he just loves being around us.   Melissa wrote this letter to you about her darling little Simba:
Sharon King

Polo, IL
(815) 946-2182
Kristin DuBois
Winston's disposition is sweet and laid-back. He has all the fun kitten playful qualities, but is a calm little dude. When you hold Winston, he will mold into your arms and stare at you with those fantastic gold eyes. His tail is magnificent-I believe he thinks it is his finest feature because he will flaunt it about every now and then. We love our Winnie!
~Lynn VanThournout

Winston, Black & White napoleon Cat
Napoleon Kitten, Black & White
Winston at 7 weeks
Cheerio is doing wonderfully and has got to be one of the cutest little things I've had the pleasure of meeting in a long time.  She's soooo friendly, and seems to love everyone that comes in to the house.  When Bree walks into the room, she runs to her and purrs, which of course Bree just adores.  She loves to play or just plop down and be scratched.  She's taken to laying next to me when Squeaker is on my lap.  She loves to stretch out and get her fair share of the petting.  Her favorite perch when Squeaker isn't on my lap is either around my neck on the couch or sitting on my chest with her back end on my shoulder.  She really does love to just sit and purr! She has an adorable little rumble-grumble that she makes without opening her mouth.  It was great meeting you and thank you for our furry little friend.  I'll keep you up to date on her progress!  I took a look at the new kittens.....TOOO CUTE!!!  Thanks again!  -Jeanne

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