Below are listed the current kittens at Blue Skies.
 Please feel free to inquire about upcoming kittens or litters.

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Polo, IL
(815) 946-2182
Available Kittens
April 11th,

Kristin DuBois
$150 will hold
 the kitten of your choice, or give you a priority pick from a waiting list.
Discounts are
always offered for
Non-Standard kittens when they are purchased at the same time as any other Blue Skies kitten.

"MeMe and her Kitten"
 MeMe is a rescue Munchkin being held at Animaladoptions2 in Southfield, MI. MeMe is a young mother who has a female tortie kitten that would like to go home with her. If you would like more information on MeMe and her Kitten please click  HERE to go to their page on Petfinder.

 Mandy is a rescue Munchkin being held by DeKalb County Animal Shelter in Genoa, IL. She is  a beautiful cat and has been declawed. If you would like more information on Mandy please click  HERE to go to her page on Petfinder.

Prices for standard kittens start at $1200.
Prices for non-standard kittens are $600.

"Standard" means short-legs, "Non-Standard" means long legs.

Harryis a rescue Munchkin being held by Madison County Humane Society in Anderson, IN. He is listed as a baby but no maore information was give . If you would like more information on Harry please click  HERE to go to his page on Petfinder.

Canoli is a rescue Munchkin being held by West Suburban Humane Society in Downers Grove, IL. She is a friendly and talkative girl. If you would like more information on Cannoli please  click  HERE to go to her page on Petfinder.

The following litter has recently been born at Blue Skies Please note that we have a lengthy waiting list. It is almost positive that all these kittens will be selected by people on our waiting list. Please e-mail for more information about getting onto the waiting list for future kittens.
Bitsy had two baby girls
on March 10th! Both girls are silver shaded. Once is a standard and one is a non-standard. Please check back in a few weeks after the waiting list has had their pick. Their sire is Beau!

Max needs a new home ASAP! He is a Blue Skies cat who is 5 years old. His parents are Sara and Sampson. He is a non-standard cream and white boy. He is very gentle with people  and OK with dogs but needs to be an only cat or go home with a kitten. He is in the Chicago area. He is free to his new home.
New Home Needed ASAP!
Max as a kitten
Kisa is a sweet non-standard torbie & white girl who gets to go home with her older "brother" Kolya who just went home. She is going home with Kelly!
Going Home with

Stardust (Dusty)
Dusty is a beautiful little standard shaded torbie and white girl. She is staying at Blue Skies!
Staying at
Blue Skies!

Moon's official name will be Blueskies Once in a Blue Moon. She is the long awaited blue lynx point kitten, matching her mother's color and pattern so that Luna can finally retire!
Staying at
Blue Skies!

Angel is an adorable standard blue point girl. She is going to live in Indiana with Liz and Hannah!
Going Home with
Liz and Hannah

Coco is a beautiful standard silver shaded girl. Her parents are Star and Beau. She is going to live in Florida with Kathleen!
Going Home with

Simba is a super sweet and cuddly little blue lynx point boy. He is going to live in Alabama with Suzanne!
Going Home with

Shadow is an adorable  solid black standard  girl. She is very sweet and will make a wonderful pet! Shadw is 12 weeks old and can go home as soon as details are arranged and she has been spayed. Shadow is $1200.

Sale Pending
Sale Pending