Below are listed the current kittens at Blue Skies.
 Please feel free to inquire about upcoming kittens or litters.

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Polo, IL
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Available Kittens
January 21st,

Kristin DuBois
$150 will hold
 the kitten of your choice, or give you a priority pick from a waiting list.
Discounts are
always offered for
Non-Standard kittens when they are purchased at the same time as any other Blue Skies kitten.

Prices for standard kittens start at $1200.
Prices for non-standard kittens are $600.

"Standard" means short-legs, "Non-Standard" means long legs.

The following litters have recently been born at Blue Skies Please note that we have a  waiting list. It is almost positive that all these kittens will be selected by people on our waiting list. Please e-mail for more information about getting onto the waiting list for future kittens.
Hannah is a rescue Munchkin being held by Circle of Friends Humane Society in Grand Forks, ND. She is a great companion and never leaves your side. If you would like more information on Hannah please  click  HERE to go to her page on Petfinder.

Cannoli is a rescue Munchkin being held by West Suburban Humane Society in Downers Grove, IL. She is fiendly and likes to carry on a conversation. If you would like more information on Cannoli please  click  HERE to go to her page on Petfinder.

Star had three
beautiful babies on January 5th.
Left to right there is a non-standard solid blue boy, a non-standard blue tabby and white girl, and a standard blue and white girl. All could be smoke. Please check back in a few weeks after the waiting list has had their pick.

Jupiter is an adorable standard black tabby boy. He is going to live in California with Jane and Robert!
Going home with Jane and Robert!
Smokey is a handsome non-standrd blue smoke boy. He will be living just south of Chicago!
Going Home with Shannon & Jason!
Barney & Cobalt
Barney i a solid black non-standard boy. His brother Cobalt is a standard blue smoke boy. These to cuti pies get to go home together to live in South Dakota!
Going Home with Kathy!