Napoleons have playful, kitten-like personalities which they maintain their entire lives.  They love human companionship and like to curl up with people and cuddle and purr. Napoleons are very social, so if a Napoleon  owner must be away for long periods each day, it would be good to consider other pets for the cat to be with. Most Napoleons  will be happy to make friends with dog and other cats. Their friendly and outgoing nature will ensure that visitors will always be warmly greeted.  All-in-all,  Napoleons are best described as loving, sociable, and playful.

 A beautiful non-standard
 (long legged) Napoleon

 A fine example of the
 adorable short legs!
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To learn more about the history of Napoleons, the Napoleon standard and much more, please visit this wonderful website by Blue Skies friend, and Founder of the Napoleon cat breed, Joe Smith!
All Napoleon litters have long and short legged kittens due to the genetics involved.  A standard kitten has short legs.  A non-standard has regular length legs.  A non-standard kitten is still registered as a purebred cat. They have all the same wonderful traits as their short legged litter-mates except the short legs.

 A smoke & white  standard Napoleon
    performing the trademark
 "rabbit sit!"        

Napoleons are a hybrid breed developed from the Munchkin breed and the Persian breed group. (Persian, Himalayan, and Exotic Shorthair.) They very successfully combine the very best qualities of both breeds. Napoleons are a relatively new cat breed which is recognized at the championship level in several cat associations including Cat Fancier's Federation (CFF,) Catz Inc, Austrailian National Cats Inc (Ancats,) and also The International Cat Association (TICA) although TICA has changed the breed name to Minuet.

Napoleons are a short-legged cats with cobby bodies, round heads, round eyes and a beautiful coat. They can come in any color and pattern.  Their fur can be either long like the Persian, or short like the Exotic, though are much more manageable than the average Persian coat. The Napoleon will in essence look like a doll faced or "old fashioned" Persian with the shortened legs of a Munchkin. The short legs are the result of a natural, spontaneous mutation not from human manipulation.

Napoleons are very adept to running and climbing, although jumping is somewhat impaired.  They are a small to medium size cat, being 6-10 pounds as adults on average.